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A New Alternative - The Addition of German Language to the School’s Curriculum

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Since the beginning, GZAAT has been offering the Russian course as one of the foreign languages to the students. There was no other alternative; this was a requirement for junior high and the three years of high school. Any possibility of another language, like Italian, was introduced as a club rather than a part of the central curriculum. However, there has been a discussion regarding the addition of another language, and it seems that the students will soon be getting an expanded variety in their education.

The school's principal, Mr.Cruz, says, "GZAAT will offer German as a choice starting next year. The reason is to offer an alternative to a foreign language like many other schools. Starting next school year, the German language is going to be introduced as one of the main classes, and the GZAAT students will be able to choose between studying Russian and German. Like every program GZAAT has started from its beginnings, it will be implemented gradually. This means that the first year it will be offered to students in grade 8, the following year to students in 8 and 9, the next to grades 8, 9 and 10, and so forth and so on."

This is a prominent change for the school, as in over twenty years, German will be the first language added to the school's program. For this reason, it will begin slowly and soon be enforced as the chore part of GZAAT and what it offers. It will give the students a larger assortment of subjects to explore and increase their education span. All students appear happy about the news. For some, this is due to the fact that they already speak Russian and would like to have the option to learn a new language which they have never gotten the chance to study and explore before. For some, merely the diversity in their choice seems appealing. A significant factor also is that most students inclined to choose European Universities as the future of their academic path find that German (or any other language) will be a more practical alternative.

Overall, the addition of German has proven to be very popular among the students of GZAAT. Although most will not be able to experience the benefits of this news, they are all happy for the future generation of GZAAT students. There is not much more known about the great news yet; however, it is highly anticipated. Hopefully, the outcome will be as great as it seems.

Edited by: Nitsa Saakashvili

Visual artist: Ninia Abramishvili

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