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Lela Sisauri's Gardening Club Competition

Updated: Jan 23

       On Wednesday 15th November, at 3 pm Gardening Club Competition was held at GZAAT garden. Lela Sisauri, physics teacher at Junior High, built a delightful garden in the school yard over the summer. While it is wonderful to see and observe the garden from afar, Lela also gives students the opportunity to learn about gardening. She has created her very own gardening club. The competition lasted for an hour. There were three tasks to complete, one of them was the ‘best picture of the garden’. The other tasks were related to the plants in the garden. The participants could use phones or ask their supporters for help. There were prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. The 1st place winner was Aleksandre Tvaladze, the 2nd place winner was Nino Burduli, and the 3rd place winner was Nikoloz Saakashvili. They all won lovely plants to take care of them and raise them. Congratulations to all of them! 

      One of the journalists asked the first-place winner, Aleksandre Tvaladze, to give us some more information about what the quest was about and what experience they gained from participating. “It was a very interesting competition that consisted of three parts. The first part was matching. Contestants had to match labels with the names of the unknown flowers to the plants themselves (they could google the name and then try to find the flower that matched the results from Google). Each contestant had 10 such labels. First, those who finished got points. After finding the plant, they had to insert a label into the ground near that plant. The second part was the most interesting one. Each contestant got 4 papers with text about a particular weed, its properties, and characteristics. Contestants had to find the weed based on the information given in Google (or other source) and find it in the garden. The first who found the weed got the points. The third part was about the best photo of the garden. Best photo - highest score. At first, few people expressed their interest in the quest but as we started it, many students and teachers decided to join us. We had a lot of fun and got pleasure by working and being in the garden. It's relaxing. Hope other students will express their interest in the garden in the future and join the gardening club. “ 

      It seems fun to be a participant in this club, if you want to join it's never too late. Don't miss your chance and explore more about our lovely garden. Feel free to visit it during your breaks and see what our schoolmates did!

Edited by: Maryam Gurabanidze

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