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GZAAT ASSEMBLY: A School Family Bond Beyond the Classroom

Every other Friday, the school gathers to attend an assembly hosted by one of the advisories. Last week it was Meriko Toradze’s group who chose the wholesome theme of school as one big family. School - the place we spend most of our time - is the closest thing we have after family. We step into the halls of the school as 8th graders and grow up together, becoming adults. As a senior Kato Dadiai said in her spectacular speech, “The memories we create together will stay with us forever, making us a big family”. Kato’s speech brought tears to everyone, especially teachers who have contributed so much and have spent so much time together in this school. As the main part of the assembly, Meriko's advisory created a short video interviewing small families within the big family we call school. The participants of the video are Ilia Mas and his son Sandro, Khatuna Mas and her son Lasha, and Malkhaz Mas with his son Archil. The video consists of several questions mainly centered around the theme. The answers to the question of what makes GZAAT a big family.

One of the organizers and members of Meriko’s advisory, Andria Khundadze, says, “While organizing the advisory, I was surprised that there were so many family members in our school, and getting those interviews and hearing their experiences was heartwarming.” Nitsa Saakashvili adds, “I have been in this school for almost five years. I consider it my second family, and in this assembly, I and my classmates wanted to show that GZAAT is not just a place we go to study; it is the second family for us.”

Archil Mas shares, "You have much more responsibility in this school than in any other school because you need to consider the emotional state of the child. If something causes discomfort, you have more responsibility, and therefore, when you have more responsibility, you feel more like a family." According to Khatuna Mas, "The family environment in school is created by people, of course, who are not lazy to go to work because teaching is such a profession; if you don't love children, you can't work." Malkhaz Mas adds his perspective, stating, "My favorite song is 'Here There and Everywhere' by the Beatles for two reasons. Firstly, the Beatles mean everything to me, and secondly, you have to love your profession as much."

The day uncovered lots of nostalgic memories for everyone. Truly, it was the day of family bonds and friendships. Then the game began, and teachers were invited on stage to compete against each other. This game was a GZAAT quiz, featuring questions about our school, teachers, members, and many more. Finally, the team of Marika Tsitskishvili, Mariam Khidesheli, and Khatuna Tskhadadze won the game. The assembly traditionally ended with the school anthem, we sang together fully embracing the school spirit.

Edited by: Sofi Asatiani

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