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GZAAT Grooves: A Musical and Heartfelt School Assembly organized by Nino Mitsishvili’s advisory

A sincere assembly, organized by Nino Mitsihvili's advisory, took place within the familiar confines of GZAAT High School's auditorium, drawing together students and teachers in anticipation of what lay ahead. This thoughtfully arranged gathering aimed to provide a memorable experience for all.

Enthusiasm filled the audience when Mr. Cruz suggested that students join the GZAAT choir. He saw it as an opportunity, but also as a chance to get involved in something genuinely enjoyable. The idea of collaborating with classmates to harmonize seemed to brighten the entire room. For those interested, please get in touch with Mrs. Lika Asatiani. Mr. Levan Ghambashidze introduced an upcoming event. On November 21st, juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to share their valuable note-taking experiences with sophomores and freshmen.

Mr. Levan emphasized the need for participation, calling for two juniors and two seniors to contribute their insights. Those interested can contact Irina Osipov to get involved and make this exchange of knowledge a success. Ms. Mariam Khidesheli invited everyone to join the anime club, promising a space for creativity and friendship. Those interested can contact either Ms. Mariam Khidesheli or Anita Karalashvili.

The volunteer group, under the leadership of Anastasia Kurdghelia and Irinka Iashvili, exemplified kindness in the GZAAT community. Their clear goal was to assist those in need, leaving behind smiles and appreciation through activities such as visiting the elderly and organizing charity campaigns. Those interested are encouraged to contact Irinka Iashvili and Anastasia Kurdghelia.

Mrs. Lela Sisauri's garden club provided an environment for development and fellowship for GZAAT members, fostering connections alongside the growth of plants and enhancing the sense of togetherness among students.

A sense of harmony spread throughout the audience as the familiar chords of the GZAAT anthem filled the auditorium. Together, the voices of students and teachers created a strong, resounding chorus that appeared to unite everyone. It was a time of happiness shared by everybody, a reminder that friendship and joy could still exist in the middle of the hectic school schedule.

Things turned into a lot of fun when Mrs. Nino Mitsishvili’s advisory put on a video of how they walked around the school and asked students and teachers their favorite songs. Beyond the auditorium, a sense of community emerged as familiar faces and individual musical preferences were revealed.

The fun began when we all started playing “Melomani”. The rules were simple: there were three groups and nine songs. When the song played, the first group had to guess either the name of the song or an artist; if they did not, then they moved on to the next. In the end, Mrs. Kato Tsuladze’s group achieved victory.

Later on, a special guest, the singer Nodariko Khutsishvili, took the stage alongside Giorgi Kaxiani playing the piano. He started singing, creating a unique and memorable moment as the entire auditorium joined in singing along.

This meeting was more than simply a gathering; it was proof of the strength that can be found in unity and in our common experiences. Even after the song had stopped, we still felt a sense of community that lingered with us as we exited the auditorium with our hearts full and spirits high.

Edited by: Sofi Asatiani

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