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Vardzia Field Trip

As October began, a sense of excitement swept through the Juniors in GZAAT. The highly-anticipated two-day Vardzia trip was just around the corner. Thanks to the class president, Luka Ebralidze, and fellow GZAAT staff, the field trip was conducted in the first semester instead of the second, bringing immense joy to the entire class.

The first day of the field trip began, with students needing to arrive at school unusually early. Despite their weariness and exhaustion from being awake so early in the morning, their smiles and high spirits prevailed, fueled by the anticipation of the excellent time ahead. The four-hour journey to Vardzia proved to be tiring, but the lively dancing and singing on the bus helped the students remain cheerful.

The first destination was the Vardzia Cave Monastery. The students and teachers explored each cave in thorough detail, their faces reflecting fascination and wonder. It was most of the students' first time visiting the cave city, and they were undoubtedly amazed. As there was no official guide, Levan Ghambashidze took it upon himself to share the site's history with the students.

As late afternoon approached, the hungry and tired students made their way to Vardzia Resort where they would be staying for the night. Following a delightful dinner feast, they danced, sang, and enjoyed themselves, concluding the evening with a memorable bonfire that lasted all night. The students and teachers shared funny stories, anecdotes, and even sang songs until the fire went out.

On the second day, the students had a delightful breakfast and boarded the buses. They got up early, trying to remain punctual, despite the late-night festivities. They headed to Rabati, where they explored the fortress and were amused by the glorious views. The students were captivated by the distinctive architecture, and mentioned how they had forgotten they were in Georgia due to the stylistic and architectural differences. Finally, a great feast awaited them in the restaurant, providing one last opportunity for students to strengthen their bonds before the journey back. In the blink of an eye, their first overnight field trip was over, but the memories created will forever be cherished.

Anna Akhaladze and Tasia Kurghelia, two Juniors, alongside a GZAAT teacher Khatuna Tskhadadze were asked to state their opinions on this splendid field trip,

(Tasia) I think it was the best field trip so far. I had so much fun I can't describe it. This was the first time the class was this united. The teachers were awesome and they made the time even more enjoyable. Everything we saw was amazing. The food was great but we were quite tired on the road, especially on the way back. I had an excellent time!!!!!

(Anna) Even though I knew we would have a lot of fun on the trip before actually going, I didn’t want to set unattainable expectations. To be honest, the trip was better than anything I could’ve imagined. We made amazing memories exploring Vardzia, sitting at the bonfire, and singing in the bus. For me, the bonfire was particularly memorable, sharing stories and laughing for hours is an image I will never forget. It even inspired us to plan more trips for the future. Vardzia really brought us together not only as a class, but also with the amazing teachers who were accompanying us on the trip, I cannot thank them enough.

(Khatuna) I think it was an excellent excursion, the students behaved extremely well and enjoyed it even more than any other trip. In the evening, sitting by the bonfire and playing was a great addition to the fun, and I will forever remember and cherish this field trip. And a big shout out to the heart, engine, and soul of this field trip, Levan Ghambashidze!!! Thank you!

The Vardzia trip was a heartwarming adventure that left an unfading mark on everyone involved, strengthening bonds and leaving unforgettable memories.

Edited by: Natalie Gordadze

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