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A Memorable Sophomore Field Trip: Exploring Gori and Uplistsikhe

On the 13th of October, GZAAT Sophomores embarked on a remarkable field trip to the historically significant and picturesque locations of Gori and Uplistsikhe. Despite the initially gloomy weather, a bright and sunny atmosphere prevailed as the students arrived at their destination. Their journey commenced on a lively note as they boarded the bus, accompanied by the entertaining DJ, Ekaterine Zamtaradze. Her energetic presence and carefully curated playlist, spanning from classics by The Notorious B.I.G to the latest hits from Taylor Swift, ensured that there was no room for boredom.

The first stop on their list was Gori's Tsikhe, where the students were welcomed by statues of Georgian heroes. Nino mas provided the students with essential background information about the place, and they attentively absorbed her insights. A brief survey conducted by Demetre Tskhadadze unearthed an interesting fact about Gori - its reputation for delicious Katleti.

Regrettably, the students were unable to sample this local delicacy during their trip. Following their initial exploration, the students proceeded to the Ethnographic Museum of Gori. Here, they were introduced to a collection of ancient artifacts, while the teachers departed to procure the ingredients for the planned dinner.

Upon arriving at Uplistsikhe, the students settled in to enjoy their picnics, with each person bringing their preferred selection of snacks, both sweet and savory. However, the highlight of the picnic was yet to come - Mtsvadi. As the succulent meat was being prepared, the students engaged in various activities to pass the time. Some played cards, some partook in a spirited game of volleyball, but most joined in a thrilling game of dodgeball. In this game, Nikoloz Khojevanishvili exhibited his prowess by skillfully dodging the ball, ultimately advancing to the final rounds where he competed against Dachi Darakhvelidze. However, other players banded together against Nikoloz, leading to his ultimate defeat.

While some students took the opportunity to explore the ancient caves and ruins at Uplistsikhe, others sought refuge in the cool shadows. A 10th-grade student, Ketevan Kukuladze, expressed that despite her initial reluctance to attend the trip, she was glad she did, owing to the beautiful sights of Uplistsikhe. The area was also home to some rather large lizards, which elicited mixed reactions among the students. Some were fearful, while others engaged in lizard-chasing to capture captivating photographs.

Returning to the picnic site, the eagerly anticipated Mtsvadi was finally ready. In the end, every student concurred that it was one of the most delicious meals they had ever tasted. Following the feast, students and teachers gathered in groups to reminisce about past experiences and share enjoyable stories. These moments of togetherness contributed to the overall closeness of the trip.

"The locations were exceptionally fascinating and delightful, but what I cherished most was the opportunity to bond with each other beyond the confines of the classroom. It was a delight to connect with colleagues I didn't typically teach with and engage in meaningful conversations. Understanding my students' interests outside of school and identifying potential connections to biology has the potential to make lessons more engaging and comprehensible. With your support, I was able to temporarily assume the role of a student again," remarked Elene Javakhishvili, a Biology teacher.

As the day drew to a close, the students assembled for a group photograph. The buses were boarded, and the journey back commenced with even more singing and dancing. To everyone's astonishment, fatigue was notably absent. However, the joy was soon replaced by groans and snores as the bus encountered extensive traffic in Digomi. After an hour of patience-testing traffic, the students finally returned to the school. Ekaterine Zamtaradze declared this field trip as the best one yet, a sentiment shared by all, including the teachers.

Edited By: Desha Chokoshvili

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