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Freshmen: Field Trip to Mtskheta

On October 13th, the ninth graders of GZAAT embarked on a fun field trip to Shio Mgvime, a

medieval monastic complex in Georgia, in the historic city of Mtskheta. The day began at 8 AM, with students gathering at school, all ready and excited about the trip. On the bus, they played music and sang along while on their way to their destination.

Upon arrival in Mtskheta, Paata Ramishvili, a history teacher at GZAAT, informed students about the rich history of the monument and the region itself. Additionally, he shared with them fascinating insights about the ancient churches. The students entered the church and lit candles while admiring the beauty of the interior. Despite the chilly weather outside, the students were able to warm up in the sunny places before continuing their adventure.

Afterward, they headed to their buses and continued their path

until they reached a large field. The place had 4 tables where the students could enjoy their lunch and relax. After taking their meal, students gathered to play various games with the background music coming from the speakers. The place also had two trampolines, but unfortunately, they were not in good condition and couldn’t be used. Moreover, students had fun taking care of a local large fluffy dog and two kittens who were extremely friendly and got instantly comfortable with the students.

Their journey didn't end there; after long hours of playing cards, and football and spending time with each other, they were ready to get going. The next destination was the historic Svetitskhoveli, a renowned church in Mtskheta. There the ninth graders purchased candles and went inside the famous monument. The teachers went above and beyond to tell the students all about the historical background of this amazing church. They explained everything concerning the place and the details of the architecture.

It was finally time to go back home, so the students got ready to leave. On the way back to school, they played music to end the trip with a nice tone and atmosphere. All in all, it was a very successful journey and the GZAAT faculty did an incredible job by organizing it.

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