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Cinematic Bonds: Junior Advisory Day

Picture this: every semester, our high school spices things up with a super cool day where each advisor gets to hang out together somewhere entertaining. This time, it was at Galleria Tbilisi for a movie day with Mrs. Eka Gordezianis and Mrs. Maia Lordkiapnidze's advisories. We're all excited; we march into Galeria Tbilisi knowing that "today is gonna be epic." Popcorn and candy in hand, we head to the movie theater, and trust me, the smell of buttered popcorn is the soundtrack to our adventure. Now, getting our snacks was like a mission: popcorn bags rustling, candy wrappers crinkling, pure chaos, but the good kind. We settle into our seats, the lights dim, and ‘The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes' by Francis Lawrence begins, a film that all of us have been waiting for a long time. The whole room turns into a rollercoaster of emotions, with everyone's reactions making it even more fun. As the movie unfolds, you can feel the whole room reacting together – gasps, laughs, and maybe a few "Whoa, did that just happen?" moments. The screen becomes our little universe, and the best part is sharing it with our classmates.

When the movie was over, we were left in a mix of shock, joy, and amazement.

Stepping out of the theater, we gathered with excitement, ready to spill the tea on every detail. Who had the best reactions, favorite scenes, and yes, maybe a new crush or two? The whole place is alive with laughter and chatter. One of the juniors animatedly shared,“ It was seriously the best day ever! The whole theater was buzzing, and watching "The Hunger Games" with everyone made it even more epic.” When probed about favorite moments from the movie, other students, careful not to drop any spoilers, expressed, “When that plot twist hit, you could feel the entire room go silent, and then the collective gasp was priceless. It's those shared reactions that make watching movies together so much fun.” Reflecting on the day, another student offered a final commentary, stating, “It's like a bonding experience. You get to see different sides of people, and it definitely brings us all closer. Plus, it's a day out of the ordinary routine, and who doesn't love that?”

Friendships got a major upgrade, memories were made, and the shared experience of that movie day became a highlight of high school. It wasn't just about the big screen; it was about the laughs, the shocks, and the bonds we formed. Movie days, who knew they could be this awesome?

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