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The New Hammock Lounge!

The new addition to the school’s garden is something that will catch the eye of any visitor at GZAAT. On April 26th , Sophomores in the History B class of Levan Ghambashidze hung hammocks in our schoolyard. The students were quite enthusiastic about their project and the hard work seems to have paid off since all the hammocks were full on all lunch breaks.

The idea was born on one usual day, during a history lesson. Our classmates proposed the idea of contributing something to the school to make a mark as the class of 2024. For example making a new lounge area outside since the weather is too upbeat to stay indoors. The surprising thing was that, as it turns out, Levan Mas already had the idea of hanging hammocks for a long period of time. Great minds think alike. At first, it was nothing more than an idea, however the kids worked together to form a plan. “It was a simple process but we faced many difficulties,” says one of the students, “we had to postpone doing the tasks because of the weather and because we didn’t have time to all gather. At last we measured the distances between trees and found the hammocks and ropes. We gathered the money and voila, the new lounge area is waiting for guests.” Today, on the 26th of April, in the morning, during the first lesson (B block), we went out in the garden and that is when something significant struck our mind: the permission from the office. We needed permission from the school principal to place anything in the yard. Thankfully, a couple of our classmates went to the office and the problem was solved in an instant.

The project is not yet fully finished and it’s not perfect yet, however kids are already hanging out in the area, reading books in comfort and socializing. That was the initial goal too. There’s just one warning; just make sure to know where you’re sitting so as not to end up injured because we don’t take any blame for loose ropes:)

Edited by Kato Dadiani

Levan Ghambashidze's B Block 2022

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