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The First Official Project of the President and the Vice President of the Class of 2024

10th-grade class president Shoti Sikharulidze and the vice president Zura Gigineishvili with the help of their classmate Giorgi Kakhiani introduced their first official project to the class of 2024. They created a web page with different information and ways our classmates could use it.

The idea of the webpage originated from Shoti, who started working on it as a campaign for running for presidential elections. Giorgi helped him with the technical issues for creating the page. The website gained so much popularity among the students that Shoti and Zura transformed it into something bigger than a campaign. That’s how they created the final project.

The website is multi-functional. First of all, when entering the page, one should go through the registration system. After logging in, students can use this site for multiple purposes. The first page (home) is a countdown, and it shows precisely how much time is left before the next holiday. At the bottom of the home page is a calendar. The calendar shows the birthdays of our classmates and some special events. Shoti explained that the home page would provide students with a little bit of excitement. “Since we are going through a very rough period when we have to keep ourselves restricted, having some fun activities planned for the future would be great because we would have something to look forward to.”

The second page is dedicated to birthdays. The purpose of this page is to let everyone know the exact date of the birthdays of our classmates and to make the celebrant feel appreciated.

The next page would be a gallery. “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words But Memories Are Priceless.” The quote on top of the page describes its significance.

All the memories

captured in the photos can be seen on this page. “It is supposed to make our class feel one whole and unified. We don’t want anyone to feel isolated from us. That is why we decided to create this page” (Shoti).

The following page is a source of communication. Our classmates can write a letter to the class representatives concerning any topic on this page. “We are happy to hear any of your concerns or news. That is one of our most important jobs, to listen” (Zura).

The next page is a study guide. Here, the president and vice president themselves will post critical material, such as biology flashcards and math notes, to help our classmates prepare for different tests or better understand a specific topic.

The last page is called “Word of the Day.” Every day, the page displays a word rarely used in English. It explains its meaning, shows an example of how one can use it in a sentence, and offers a fun fact about the word.

All of this work shows how dedicated and committed our president and vice president are. Their first official project had a significant impact on the class of 2024. Except for the fact that the webpage is genuinely beneficial in many ways, it also unites the whole class. The website is easy to use and shows everyone how seriously Shoti and Zura took their job.

Edited by Nina Aladashvili

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