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Sophomore Elections: An Overview

The tenth-grade elections took place on Friday and the Class of 2025 was excited to choose their new representatives in the Student Council. There were three candidates - Irinka Iashvili, Anastasia Khachidze, and Luka Ebralidze. The week of the elections, Irinka and Anastasia announced that they were trying to win together as a team, so they did their campaigns together. On Monday, they gave their classmates colorful pins saying “Vote for Irinka and Anastasia!” On Tuesday, they put up posters that were small trivias about teachers. If you guessed the teacher correctly and went to their classroom, you would get a free Snickers bar!

On September 10th, the day of the elections, some of the sophomores were surveyed about the elections. They were asked which of the three candidates would win, in their opinion. It would either be Irinka Iashvili, Anastasia Khachidze, or Luka Ebralidze. Anastasia and Irinka were competing as a team. Here are the results:

8/10 of students predicted that Irinka Iashvili would win the elections, and they also added that she deserved it the most and one of them supported Luka’s win. 50% of these students thought that Luka Ebralidze would become the vice president because since Irinka and Anastasia Khachidze tried to be a team, their votes would cancel out. Only one of these 10 students didn’t know who she’d vote for, because none of the campaigns really impressed her. Turns out, the predictions were accurate. Irinka Iashvili became the new sophomore President with Luka Ebralidze assuming the title of the Vice-President.

All of the candidates’ speeches were original. For example, in her speech, Irinka mentioned that as a president, she would make a calendar with all of the important dates and events, including Halloween, Christmas, and others. Luka presented commercials/ads which showed a new platform in which his other classmates could send concerns and wishes to the class president and also potentially order the new school merchandise.

We interviewed the now-president Irinka Iashvili. She shared with us some of the reasons why she would make a great president and her plans for the future.

Interviewer (Ana Kharabadze): Hello, Irinka. First of all, congratulations on becoming the 10th-grade class president

Irinka Iashvili: Hello and thank you.

Interviewer: As president, what are your plans for this year? What kind of activities or events are you going to plan?

Irinka Iashvili: I am planning to add some American high school traditions this year which are quite entertaining. First of all, I want to add the yearbook with various nominations all dedicated to one of the classmates. The nominations could be like “biggest drama queen” or “the crybaby” and several more. I am also planning to add some more sports tournaments and maybe revive the cheerleading team to support the players. Obviously, lots of parties will be hosted, including Halloween, Christmas, and prom.

Interviewer: Why do you think you are going to be a good president? Which qualities of yours are going to help you become a successful class president?

Irinka Iashvili: One thing I noticed about myself is that I have a huge sense of responsibility. Knowing that I am assigned to do something, I always have an urge to complete it well. Becoming a president is a task of being a bridge between the students and the administration, therefore, I will do my best to fulfill the wishes of my classmates and think of new ideas as well.

Congratulations to all of the candidates and winners of the elections. The gazette wishes them a productive and a fun year.

Edited by Kato Dadiani

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