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Snow Days are Over

As all students and families know by now, we had a Snow Day!

From the past week up to now, the weather in Tbilisi has degraded, the temperature went below 0oC, and the city was covered in snow. Due to the accumulation of snow, the school area and the roads became less safe for transportation. Our Principle, Mr. Cruz announced a Snow Day. In many years, this is the first time schools closed down because of the weather.

While students from other schools continued education via online lessons, we had one extra day as a break. Some used the extra time to catch up with studies, or just to relax. We were advised that by Tuesday the classes would continue; however, the plans changed because of the forecast. The school's parking lot had a risk of icing due to the low temperature at night, so for safety matters, the classes were held on Zoom. As the forecast showed the rise in the degree of the weather, the school board got machinery to clean up the snow. With a promised return to the building by Wednesday.

In some way, the Snow Day is a late Christmas miracle. Since rapid snowing is rare here, most kids did not waste the opportunity to play with the snow and hit their classmates with some snowballs. The parking lot is still slightly frozen, so be careful not to slip up!

I wanted to interview some of the teachers and the principal about the last time there was a snow day. Unfortunately, I got left empty-handed as most could not recall any details, other than it happening 8-9 years ago. That’s a lot of time without snow.

Fortunately, next week doesn’t have any snow planned for us. Guess it’s time for us to look over our spring wardrobes at last. We can finally return to having outside lessons and not sitting in class with big puffer jackets. Even though, the white snow looked beautiful in our school yard, I think we can all agree that it's time to switch back to green.

Here are some of the pictures from GZAAT facebook page:

Edited By: Kato Dadiani

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