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First Field Trip Of Junior-High

The school orchestrated a hiking trip to go outdoors for the students which followed regulation protocols but still was fun and enjoyable. The first class to take the trip was the 8th grade.

When the day of the trip came, they were separated into different groups. One group Went to Rkoni Monastery and Panoramic Saorbisa Ruins, While the other one visited Ateni Sioni. In this article, we will be following the second group. The traveling itself was nice, as people connected with each other, played games and talked about things they had in common, as they couldn’t before due to the pandemic situation. When the class got to the destination, they unloaded and stretched first, then went to their first location, which was Ateni Sioni, which was located in a beautiful valley.

After the Church, the class went on to hike. The hike wasn’t hard at first and the children talked among each other while walking. A bit later on, the hike got steeper and involved more and more climbing, so the children got more serious as well. On the road, the children saw a small waterfall that they liked and took pictures of. As the hike went on, the breaks happened more often, as it tired the students more and more, but in the end they came to their final destination, from which the view was beautiful.

Children were excited to come down from the mountain, as they knew that a tasty meal awaited them at a local restaurant. On their way down, students often rolled over on the road and lets just say lots of pants were ripped. At the restaurant, students played some games as they waited for the food. The games included hide and seek, different card games and other outdoor activities that they hadn’t gotten to do for awhile. The food was delicious, and everyone returned to the bus satisfied with the day.

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