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Freshmen advisory day: a day of bonding and having fun!

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

On a rainy November 30th, the GZAAT students had an advisory day, a brand new addition to GZAAT. Every advisory spends the day relaxing, having fun, and getting to know each other better. Three of the five ninth-grade advisories chose the same activity, bowling, which seemed famous among all. After the two first blocks, the students skipped the day and headed to their desired destinations.

Gvantsa Zhuruli's and Irina Chkheidze's classes went bowling at the city mall together. According to the freshmen, "the lousy weather didn't ruin the experience because the activity was indoors, and we took our own cars straight to the mall." However, some think the next outing should be planned based on the weather, so they are open to going outside. After bowling, both advisories had time to eat lunch, mainly fast food. After eating, they all had some free time to wander around the mall and enjoy their visit before meeting up at the said time and heading home. A freshman, Natalia Abashidze, says the day was a lot of fun and "a great addition for relaxing and getting our minds off school."

Although Marika Dadiani's class went bowling, too, they went to a different mall, Galleria Tbilisi. When they arrived, they had lunch and ate fast food, after which they went to the bowling alley and were divided into groups of four. Marika also participated in the game occasionally and enjoyed the time with the students, which they really loved. She said hanging out with the students was "new and unexpectedly entertaining." Keta believes that during their time at the mall, she got to know the teacher and formed a better connection with her, which is the primary goal of this day for her.

Irma Chelidze's advisory was also very adventurous and exciting. The class went to an escape room in Delisi. Where 11 students were divided into two groups. One group visited a harry potter themed escape room, and the other went to a pirate-themed one. Based on the class president Nini Shatberashvili, the escape room was a great experience, especially when they tried to solve the puzzles. They stayed for an hour and then went to the city mall to eat before returning home. Based on Lile, the day was "a pleasant experience because the advisory bonded well with one another and the teacher too." For her, bonding outside the school in a new environment was a new and exciting experience. It was also entertaining because they could participate in the planning of the day, which she believes helped their organizational skills.

Tamar Mamulashvili's advisory day went differently and was followed by some complications. Unfortunately, Tamar was sick and couldn't attend, so she was replaced by Irina Tsintsadze and the school Doctor Tina. The original plan was to eat at Cecilia, the students' go-to spot. However, a table was not reserved for them, and they could not eat at the chosen place. Luckily, one of the students came to the rescue! She secured a spot at her father's restaurant, where they all went by bus and walked through the rainy streets of Tbilisi. Some managed to get wet during the walk from the bus stop to the restaurant, but they all believed it was worth it because they could eat, talk, play cards, and have fun in the same environment.

Despite the unfortunate weather, everyone enjoyed a day of relaxation from schoolwork. All believe the advisory day should be held at least once again, if not more.

Edited by: Ana Kharabadze

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