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Victory to the Phoenixes

On December the 2nd, GZAAT had one of the most unforgettable basketball games our school has seen. Our victorious players won against the well-known New Schoolers. The expectations were low at the beginning of the game, most of our students thought that this would be a losing game for us, but as the game started to progress and the scores of our players got higher and higher, the excitement of our students grew.

We asked some of the students their thoughts on the game and the situation between the students from our school and the students from the opposing school:

Student 1: The girls from New School were very impolite to all of us, and the boys who were playing were very rude; most of the kids didn't care or follow the rules of our school and didn't have any respect for anyone. Our team was amazing, and everyone was shocked by Xoja's outstanding basketball skills.

Student 2: New School is mid! They weren't respectable to our students, and they blamed the coach for their loss.

Student 3: It was a very intense game; our team was definitely unbeatable, and our players were determined and played a fantastic game. Xoja wow.

We also asked one of our beloved players - Giorgi Nozadze, what his thoughts were on the game: "We were all very motivated during the game, but some of us had a hard time playing because of some traumas that were caused, but that didn't stop us. In my opinion we would have an even bigger victory if we tried harder, but we still had a great game. As for me I am not fully impressed with my performance, I could have played more and better." During the game, the crowd was louder than ever; you could hear the chants of our students from miles away. At the end of the game, it got intense - the captain of our team, Nikoloz Salakaia, hurt his leg, and everyone panicked, but luckily the team didn't give up and played like they never had before. The opposing team started to get frustrated, seeing the Phoenixes' scores rise, and theirs stay in the same place. We won a fair game, but that didn't stop the New School students and players from blaming the so-called "unfair judging" (which was false); they couldn't fully accept their defeat, but we all know that our team deserved the win of 52-40. The basketball games don't stop here. There are many more to see in the future.

Edited by: Natalie Gordadze

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