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Upcoming Short Movie!

Throughout the generations, students at GZAAT have been coming up with different sorts of creative and exciting projects; for example, charities, mini-exhibitions, movie nights, organizing games and tournaments, etc., and this is not an exception! The group of twelfth-graders: Natuka Nibladze, Tekla Suluashvili, Nita Karkashadze, Nutsa Iordanishvili, Masho Chirakadze, Troy Toidze, and Sandro Khonelidze, came up with an idea to create a short film with the help of Lika Asatiani, in their filmmaking elective class.

To go into the details about the project, according to them, it is set in the period of the fall of serfdom (before the Soviet Union). According to Tekla Suluashvili, it will be about a group of young and poor boys who openly oppose their government. They are seen as Robin Hoods of their land, stealing from wealthy citizens and bringing back the goods to their countryside to help their people. The central climax of the short film is when the main character gets caught by the police while robbing the city shop with his peers. He has to choose between friendship and his dream life. This intriguing short plot overview created the overall impression of the movie. If the small plot summary is so engaging, imagine what the film will be! Even though shooting a movie about such a vast and severe problem is hard, requires a lot of work and time, and a considerable amount of additional research and historical background information, students insisted on making it, and they ended up having a lot of fun. They decided to divide their roles and responsibilities based on their abilities; some edited videos and sounds, and others took on the roles of directors, but they still managed to exchange their duties and experiment with the different tasks. Hence, everyone puts a lot of effort into shooting, and responsibilities are divided equally.

Tekla has shared her experiences and thoughts about the work they have been doing so far, “I feel very positive about the film. We all are doing our best, helping each other, gaining more practical knowledge, and mostly enjoying ourselves. None of us had ever done this before, so it was and continues to be an interesting experience for all of us. What I like the most about the process is how we always help each other. We always share our ideas, and everyone feels heard and appreciated. Even though the work is pretty hard and a lot, we still have fun doing it.”

Finally, a question might arise, will the rest of the students and staff be able to see the movie, and when? In collaboration with the School’s Culture Committee, they will probably announce the movie’s premiere. So get ready. Everyone will have a chance to take a look at it and enjoy it with their friends!

Journalist: Ana Gvasalia

Editor: Nita Karkashadze

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