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Tips on Preparing for the SAT

By Sandro Kvelidze


Most of us dream of making it big, and have worked non-stop just for the sake of that. We wish to go abroad, study in the top universities of the world, gain adequate knowledge and fulfill our ambitions. For four years we try our very best to get good grades, high GPA, participate in all those club activities just to have a stunning application. And that same application will not be complete without your SAT score.

Due to the pandemic most universities did not require the standardized test, however that is no longer the case. There are claims that the value of the SAT has started to lower as time has passed, but there is no doubt it is still an essential part of your application. Many people stress over the whole process, struggling to get high marks. So I decided to write this article to give all the underclassmen some tips to prepare for the SAT.

  1. Start preparing for the SAT as early as possible. I do not mean 7th or 8th grade but at least try to start preparing in the 10th grade. Whether we like it or not it is not an easy task to be fully ready for the SAT.

  2. Pay attention to class and always do your homework. A lot of things are in the material for the SAT we go through in class. As long as you are productive during the lessons you will have an easier time preparing for the SAT.

  3. Use other sources besides school. I am sure many of us do not wish to spend extra money and time preparing for the SAT so a good solution to that would be Khan Academy. Most of us have at least some experience with it but do not understand the full value it can bring. Khan Academy is a great way to prepare yourself for the SAT. And besides, there are a lot more programs and sites available that you can find and use.

  4. Write, write, and write. I’m sure most of you do not like writing and taking notes but it is an essential part of studying in general and especially for the SAT. Practice tests can be easily found on the internet for free so make sure you write as many of those as possible. And of course actually learn from the mistakes that you make.

  5. Do not be afraid. Some people still fail to write the test well even after a lot of preparation. The reason behind this is usually nervousness or stress. You should understand that failing once is alright since you can write the SAT more than once.

  6. Make sure you sign up for the optional lessons that are going to be presented to you in the 11th grade. It will be extremely helpful for you. And even after signing up make sure not to miss any lessons. If you sign up for something, it may help to stay committed.

Edited by Temo Kikava

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