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The Protests Against the "Russian Law”

Over the past week, the citizens of Georgia have gathered to oppose the "Russian Law" in order to sustain the democratic future of the country. Thousands of people have joined the protests and have been fighting against the law, which would require all organizations (such as media outlets and other non-profit organizations) that receive over 20% of their funding from abroad to be registered as “foreign agents, ” otherwise facing considerable fines.

The bill was supported by 76 deputies and rejected only by 13. Although it was claimed that the bill would be enacted only to reveal and detect the foreign influences in the country, many have observed its correlation with the oppressive method the Russian government employs to control society and media and how the proposed law replicates these measures.

The "Russian Law" can be detrimental to the freedom of Georgian citizens and the country's development, as it can hinder their relationship with the European Union by suppressing western-funded organizations. The law, thus, can be used to play a pivotal role against democracy, free speech, and the rights of society.

Since the major news, more and more people have decided to join the march, advocating for the independence of their country. It is remarkable that a notable part of the protestors consists of students and the younger generations, who seem deeply concerned about the impacts of the law, with many of the GZAAT students also attending the rallies in support of their fellow citizens.

Because of such a remarkable opposition from the people, the Georgian government

has since announced that they will retreat the law. Despite this announcement, however, the people are planning to gather until the bill has been officially, entirely withdrawn, and the final result is accordingly supporting the will of the citizens. They have demonstrated that they will resist all opposition until a just, equitable outcome.

It is remarkable to witness the profound involvement and interest the younger generations show in supporting the protests. We hope that the final outcome is fair with respect to the citizens who are standing up for their country and its independence.

Edited by Nitsa Saakashvili

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