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The Freshman Field Trip: An Unexpected Ending

This year, the ninth graders went on a field trip to Mtskheta and Shiomgvime. Unlike last time, everyone had the chance to go together and not be divided into groups, which made it even more fun.

Early in the morning, everyone gathered at the school and set out for the city of Mtskheta to visit Svetitskhoveli. “The time we spent together on the road was very fun,” says Natalia Abashidze, a freshman. “We blasted music, sang, danced, and talked a lot, which is always one of the most enjoyable parts of the trip.”

When they arrived at the cathedral, the students started exploring the garden, while the teachers were informing them of the rich history of the location. Some students even claim that this destination was their favorite: “The environment was amazing and inside it was beautiful. I was fascinated by the history of the cathedral and how it still stands after so many years,” said Keto Ediberidze, another ninth grader, who was fascinated by the church.

Near Svetitskhoveli stood the next destination, St. Nino’s Church. The class also visited a museum there, where they learned about many stories regarding the church. Soon after, they rode to Shiomgvime, where they had a great time doing various activities. For example, they spent time with the nuns, helping them move boxes and listening to the stories they told about the monastery.

The final location they visited was a big field near Shiomgvime, where they settled down to eat snacks and play some games. Some students even rode horses, thanks to a local man with a beautiful white stallion. This part of the trip is always crucial, as it allows the students to socialize, have fun, and form bonds with each other. The class president wanted to make sure of that: “I wanted each and every one of my classmates to have fun and be left with great memories that they’re going to cherish forever.”

Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on their side towards the end, as suddenly, a heavy rainstorm started. Therefore, the class had to quickly pack up and run to the bus. In the end, the class returned to school tired, but happy. When we asked them to tell us about the trip, each of the students provided different answers, but they all had one thing in common: everyone was pleased. “Compared to last year’s field trip, the class was much closer and had a lot more fun, as there were fewer restrictions and more people. That made it even more entertaining,” responded Natalia Abuladze when asked to compare the two trips. “Though we were sad to leave early because of the rain, the day was still awesome and I’m looking forward to more trips like this one.”

This year's freshman field trip presented a great opportunity for the students to get more in touch with each other, while also allowing them to learn about some of Georgia’s important landmarks. Next time though, they’ll make sure to check the weather beforehand!

Edited by Anna-Maria Kand

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