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The Education Fair!

On April 10th, an education fair was held at GZAAT which provided 11th grade students with the opportunity of getting to know different universities from all across the globe. The juniors got to talk with university representatives that answered all of their questions and also shared other interesting information and recommendations with the students.

In total, 21 universities sent out their representatives to the education fair. The list of universities goes as follows – Dukes Education Summer Schools,Cambridge; Constructor University, Bremen; Shorelight Education/ American University; Heriot Watt University; OIEG- University of Dundee; University of Bedfordshire; Burgundy School of Business; EU Business School; University of Glasgow; On Campus / edge Business School; Edmonds College, Seattle; Virtual Internships; University of Cambridge(CCISTC); University of Economics and Human Science; University of Warwick; Izmir University of Economics; Vilnius Business College; Vancity Artificial Intelligence, Paris; Griffith College, Dublin; and Middlesex University, London.

This large list of exceptional universities provided a variety of new information for the students and assisted them in choosing where to study. Overall, they viewed the education fair as an amazing opportunity and experience. An 11th grader noted: “There were some really nice universities and representatives you could talk to. Some had brochures you could take home, some made you fill out the interest form. I got to ask a lot of questions and get to know the universities well, it was a nice opportunity.”

It was also noted that each university representative had their own approach with the students, some being more helpful than others, one of the standout universities for the students was Middlesex University, which World Report has ranked as 71st in Best Global Universities in the United Kingdom. Another anonymous 11th grader shared their experience with the Middlesex University representative – “I remember for instance the representative of Middlesex University Dubai was very helpful. She answered many questions about what life is like there, majors, minors, rankings, and financial aid and I even filled out the interest form.”

Overall, the Education Fair of 2023 was a successful event that provided the 11th grade students with the means necessary to make a rightly calculated choice for their future university and career!

Edited by Anna-Maria Kand

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