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The Comeback of Saturday School!

A teacher at GZAAT launched the Saturday School project to support children attending public schools in Georgia by offering them new opportunities. The program aims to provide fresh possibilities and is primarily targeted at children from Tserovani. The program began in the autumn and resumed in April, but this time, almost fully controlled by GZAAT students.

This Saturday School involves our students taking on various responsibilities, such as teaching or administrative duties. Subjects such as Physics, Math, English, Computer Science, Creative Writing, Chess, and many others are taught by the students. Among them, preferred and highly sought-after courses are Math, Computer Science, and Journalism. The program was open to children aged between nine to fourteen.

It is worth noting that this project has been in existence for several years, however, a significant change occurred when the teacher in charge left the school, needing a new person to take over the program. Our Junior, Kate Gelashvili, who is also a teacher, was selected to be in charge.

To gain a better understanding of the program and the responsibilities of the teachers involved, an interviewer asked several questions to her:

I: How many students attend the Saturday School?

K: The Saturday school, the one which started this spring, welcomed 83 children.

I: How were the children picked out?

K: There wasn't really a process. Me and Miss Ia Topuria decided that we wanted the kids from the last semester to visit our school again since those children and our students bonded extremely well in the Fall. However, we also decided to add some kids from other schools and we landed on the school from Abkhazia.

I: Can you tell us a little bit about being a teacher?

K: Being a teacher is pretty interesting. After some experience, you start to look at the profession and the children differently. It's pretty hard, but you also learn a lot about communication, especially with children.

This project provides numerous opportunities for children and teenagers, while also offering valuable experience to GZAAT students.

Edited by Nino Ioseliani

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