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Sophomores' Trip to Kakheti

Everything started at 8:15 AM as Eka Tatishvili announced that the tenth graders should start going outside of school towards the buses going to Kakheti. There were loud running noises all over the school. Everyone was rushing to get to the back seats of the bus. As always, arguments broke out between the students about the seating, but soon everyone settled down, and the bus started moving.

Before arriving in Kakheti, the annual stop was made by Smart in Gori, where both students and teachers bought snacks and hung out for a while. During this time, everyone slowly overcame sleepiness and returned to the bus with higher spirits. However, the dreadful part of the trip began - being on the bus for hours. Students were either singing, talking, or sleeping. At noon they finally arrived in Kvareli, which awaited the Money Museum. The students went in as groups and saw various versions of money. After admiring the museum, the students also had some fun writing things down in a guestbook. Mostly, GZAAT Sophomores proudly wrote down their names and what school they went to.

Next to the money museum was the beloved Ilia Chavchavadze’s museum, where the students heard his biography probably for the hundredth time. However, the fascinating part was seeing where he was born and raised and imagining what it would be like to live there. As they stuck around for a while, the students found many fun little places in the big and gorgeous garden. Feeling rested and in a better mood, the class continued its trip toward Nekresi.

As soon as they got to Nekresi, the sky became clouded. However, students and teachers bravely started their hiking journey. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the rain started pouring, and everyone returned to the buses. Some students had their cameras with them and took beautiful and memorable pictures. After the rain had stopped for a while, some of the students were so hot that they started to water fight and, as it started to rain again, they left the buses and played in the rain. This is probably the reason why some of the students got a cold the next day…

At some point, most of the sophomores became cranky and hungry, so they skipped to the most awaited part of the trip - going to a restaurant near Ilia’s Lake. There, they were met with Georgia’s finest cuisine while having an amazing view of the region. As the class and the teachers finally got some actual rest and spent a good time with each other, it was soon time to leave. Around 5 PM, everyone returned to their seats and headed towards Tbilisi. The weather was constantly changing abruptly - it was either raining and cloudy or sunny and hot. This kind of weather affected everyone’s mood, but the songs continued playing, and they continued singing.

After some while, the mood of the travelers suddenly changed - cheering noises were heard throughout. As it turned out, the bus was coming to a stop to a God-sent savior - a small shop on the side of the road. The sun came out again, and everyone, once again, was feeling hot. So, most of the students bought some ice cream and cold water. The water was again used for drenching each other. Some students were poor victims of cold Nabeghlavi, having to return to the bus with completely soaked clothes and hair.

The rest of the journey went smoothly since most students fell asleep in funny and maybe even uncomfortable positions. It was already 8 PM when the students returned to school, which meant that it was time to go home and enjoy the 3-day weekend waiting ahead of them. <3

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