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Sophomores Decorate the School

Christmas is coming, school is coming to an end, and places are starting to put up their Christmas trees and decorations. At GZAAT, to bring holiday spirit, this week every grade had a certain part of the school to decorate. For Sophomores, it was the English hallway. The Class president and vice president organised the collecting of money and then along with a few other classmates went and brought all the decorations needed. On Wednesday morning, the first block was skipped for 10th graders and instead they decorated the hallways and filled it with Christmas decorations. All kinds of decorations were present - Chichilakis, ornaments, paper snowflakes, string lights and many more. Miss Mariam Khidesheli donated her scissors to the cause! A big paper was hung up and everybody who wants to can write their Christmas wishes on it. All kinds of wishes are present , some want delicious Sacivi, some want sleep, some want COVID to end! First block on Wednesday was a fun hour where classmates decorated and felt the holiday spirit set in.

Edited by Kato Ambokadze

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