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Sophomore's Georgian Projects

Students in Ketka Topadze’s class presented their projects to the school. The classes were separated into groups. Each group was supposed to come up with interesting ideas on how to spread knowledge about grammatical and orthographic mistakes in our daily life. Their aim was to raise awareness about those mistakes in a fun and memorable way.

One of the groups made a charity event in the cafeteria where they sold different food on the lunch breaks.

Students also brought a large amount of helium-filled balloons into the school. On every balloon's end, there were common grammatical errors that the majority of people make.

And the last group created a whole festival which was held on Friday. There were participants who had sparkly gem stickers and stuck them to everyone who wanted it. They also brought t-shirts with the print which showed a common mistake in “ვეფხისტყაოსანი”. These t-shirts were not only worn by participants but also by several other teachers who supported their idea. They made sparkly posters of mistakes and dispersed them throughout the whole school, everyone was able to spot them. Last but certainly not least, during the lunch breaks they had two stands in the cafeteria. At the first stand, there was plenty of food on display and for it, the students were supposed to correct one given sentence that was filled with mistakes. After that, they would get the food of their choice. There was another stand with games, like darts and other fun activities.

This project as a whole was a great experience, by which all of the students had fun and gained new knowledge about the Georgian and got a great opportunity to improve their mistakes.

Edited by Mariam Dzidzikashvili

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