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Secret Santa Exchange in the Class of 2024

Sophomores opening their gifts from the exchange.

This year, the sophomore class of GZAAT decided to play Secret Santa. There were 63 players, all of whom received emails on December 7 informing them about the person they'd be buying a gift for. The gift exchange took place on the last day before the break - December 24.

"I'm very excited," said Natalie Gordadze, one of the students of the class of 2024. "I think it is a great opportunity to bond and get to know our classmates even better. It's an excellent way for the class to get closer."

"I love Secret Santa," agreed Nitsa Saakashvili, also a sophomore. "I find picking out special gifts for different people particularly pleasant."

Overall, the class seemed extremely enthusiastic, with everyone already planning what to get.

Vice President of the class, Zura Gigineishvili, also chimed in:

"Secret Santa is a wonderful way for a class to get closer with each other and for everyone to end the year with a smile on their faces. We came up with the idea of doing it on the last day of school and proposed it to Mrs. Eka Tatishvili and Mr. Andres Cruz, who suggested doing it on the second class of the 24th in case some people were late."

On the last day of school, the students, as planned, received their gifts during the second class. Shota Sikharulidze (president of the sophomore class) and Zura, with the help of their few classmates, distributed the presents themselves, personally handing them to students. They were interviewed after the event as well.

The gifts sophomores brought to school for the exchange.

Interviewer: Are you satisfied with how everything went?

Zura: Mainly, yes. There were some people who forgot their gifts or didn’t write their names on it but, overall, the mission was accomplished!

Interviewer: Great! Is there anything about it you would wish to change in the future?

Zura: To be honest, nothing. It went perfectly with no major difficulties.

Natalie Gordadze and Nitsa Saakashvili also shared their experience after the event:

"I think it was extremely successful and fun considering the circumstances. I really enjoyed the experience." (Natalie Gordadze)

"The pandemic has affected our lives in many ways, so I'm really happy that we finally got the opportunity to play. It brought us many memories that we'll always remember. " (Nitsa Saakashvili)

Altogether, playing Secret Santa turned out to be a delightful experience for the class of 2024. It brought even more holiday spirit to the students, and everyone ended the year happy and satisfied.

Edited by Barbare Melikidze

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