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Saying Goodbye to Archil Makashvili

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Ever since the new school year began, the students of GZAAT have been striving towards progression and growth. As it turns out, the students were not the only ones having those goals. One of the physics teachers, Archil Makashvili, has recently left his position as a teacher at GZAAT. He has been teaching at American Academy since 2016, so it is no surprise that it was hard for him to leave.

Considering his love and devotion to this job, leaving school was a hard decision to make, but surely the right one. To find out more, I decided to interview Archil myself.

Interviewer: Hello! Thank you for agreeing to do this interview. How do you feel about leaving school?

Archil: No problem. Leaving GZAAT was hard because it was a significant place for me, not only as a school but also as a workplace. Another factor, however, was that I developed a very special relationship with children; naturally, it was hard to decide when to go, since every year new students come to school and ask me to wait for their graduation. After some time, I realized that it was hard to satisfy every class in terms of that. I'm not the best person when it comes to letting things go, so letting go of the children at school was very hard, especially considering my relationship with them. Honestly, I feel sad, and it’s stressful for me to leave all of those special kids behind.

Interviewer: Why did you decide to leave GZAAT?

Archil: When it comes to leaving, there’s a simple answer to that: I’m the kind of teacher who likes to be completely devoted to his work, which means that my workday isn’t finished when school ends. I like to do extracurricular physics activities with the kids, organize clubs and conduct academic support hours. However, being devoted to my students deprived me of time for my personal development in terms of taking my studies to the next level or just advancing in general. I’m 27, so I think now is the best time for me to take opportunities because as the pass, I will have fewer chances to explore, try out other things; I don’t know what the future holds, maybe I will make my way back to this school, but for now, my decision is final.

Interviewer: Is there something you want to tell your students?

Archil: Five years I've spent here were one of the most significant things that happened in my life, mainly because of my students. I want to thank them for making this such a wonderful experience. It’s not only them who feel special about me, it’s also me who feels special about them. I enjoyed hanging out with kids and spending all my time with them. One of the things they have to consider, however, is to not overreact, it’s not like I'm cutting everybody out of my life, haha.

I also asked a couple of his students what they found special about Archil.

“I loved having him as a teacher because he is our alumni and understands our problems dearly. He’s also younger than other teachers and we managed to create a special bond with him since we understood each other so well. I think the small age gap played a huge role“

-Liza Jariashvili, senior

“The only reason why I like physics is Archil mas. In 8th grade, he was my teacher and somehow interested me (I hated physics before 8th grade), so I asked a lot of questions and he taught me a lot. I didn't even eat lunch so that I would have more time to talk to him. Everyone hasn't asked as many physics-related questions as I did, but everyone is sad to see Archil less often because every moment spent with him is a happy one. I wish him luck!”

-Irakli Bakuradze, senior


At the end of the last (2021) school year, Physics D block made a video edit for Archil.

Here is the link:

Archil has always been the kind of teacher who brightened our daily school experience. We will always reminisce and happily remember each memory made with him, maybe we will even get to relive those moments again. Gzaat students love Archil მას endlessly and wish him all of the best. Thank you and goodbye for now Archil.

Edited by Mariam Begiashvili

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