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Pavle Mgeladze at GZAAT

On October 25th, a self-made Georgian businessman, Pavle Mgeladze, visited the American Academy and held a meeting with students. Pavle wanted students to truly realize and acknowledge how important progress is in our lives, and how fast it happens in our generation. “If it took 50,000 years for people to go through changes then, it only takes us 5-10 years now”. During Pavle’s visit, he made sure students were not bored and he was not just talking to himself by asking questions, which made the meeting more interactive and fun.

Pavle Mgeladze at GZAAT

Pavle made sure the students appreciated the 21st century, “Your world and this time period is the best playground for you - imagine your life as a little playground that will bring you success if you use it to the greatest extent.” The next topic he covered was technology and machines. Pavle asked students what their favorite machines were and students started naming their favorite types of cars. Based on this, Pavle made a comparison between humans and cars: “Imagine yourself as a machine/car. Cars choose their destination and head towards it - if you look at yourself as an automobile, you choose your destination (the goal you want to achieve) and head towards it. Of course, there will be bumps along the way, but you just keep going until you get to your destination”.

The topic of motivation for achieving goals also came up. “If you’re lacking motivation, it means your goal is not big enough for you. Challenge gives you motivation.” People, teenagers in particular, have problems with motivation and laziness, but nothing gives us motivation like a challenge does, according to Pavle. The realisation that your work will be appreciated in the future will likely improve our way of looking at things and doing our work.

One of the things teenagers hate is hearing no as an answer. No one likes asking for things that they know people might say no to, but today Pavle asked the audience to receive at least 5 no's a week, to achieve success later in life. “No one likes stepping out of their comfort zone, but these are the things it takes for hardworking people like us to achieve our goals”. “Potential attracts people,” he added, “for example, the reason why I'm here is that I see interest in you, a potential, and that’s exactly what it takes for people to say yes to you.”

The second part of the meeting was mainly him answering students’ questions. Juniors mostly had questions about career choices. Pavle said we had to find our passion in ourselves, and that no one can force us to be something we don’t want to be. According to his words, “Yes, your family members, and especially your parents, might want you to become a doctor, lawyer, businessman, marketing manager, etc… but at the end of the day you choose your own path.” He also mentioned that parents and older generations don’t like the stuff they don’t understand. Make sure to follow your path, and no one else’s.

Commonly asked questions were about his journey. His company “re: invent” has existed for 14 months and already has more than 300 employees. Pavle gathered with 2 of his friends and formed a company that now helps young and inexperienced people with business. “You take your idea, come to us, we listen and write a plan for your success”. “Mistakes plus reflection is all it takes to start progressing,” said Pavle, teaching students that it’s okay to make mistakes, the key is to never give up. Teenagers need to hear these inspirational things from someone who also went through it all and knows how it feels when you fail, which is why listening and talking with Pavle was a valuable experience.

GZAAT Juniors with Pavle Mgeladze

Edited by: Natalia Tutberidze

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