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Junior's Trip to Asureti and Orbeti: Gone Wrong?!

October 7 was the field trip day in GZAAT. Juniors had the opportunity to visit an amazing village, Asureti, and then have an unforgettable time in Orbeti with the help of some entertainers.

The adventure started in Asureti, which is not far from Tbilisi (only a 40-minute drive). The bus rides are always one of the most entertaining parts of the trip. Class of 2024 was distributed in 3 school buses. Each of them had a great time: “we listened to some music, sang together, and even managed to dance in the bus. I think teachers enjoyed the ride as well, they were singing along with us”, says one of the students.

When they reached the destination point, with the help of a guide, students got an opportunity to look around the amazing village of Asureti. The students were amazed by the old German culture rooted in a Georgian village. As the guide enthusiastically explained, Asureti was constructed by German troops. Definitely one of the most outstanding parts of the German-Georgian culture merge was the houses (the detailed roofs, the narrow balconies, and their colors). The sad thing about the village is that only one street was taken care of by Germans. The rest is abandoned and poor.

Walking around the beautiful street of Asureti was follo

wed by a visit to the nonfunctioning catholic church and an old German cemetery. Students learned a lot from the trip. Everyone was shocked since only a few of them were familiar with this small German civilisation developed in the middle of traditional Georgian villages.

The students were about to go to Orbeti, but drama arose. It turned out that six of the students drank 2L of vodka in front of the school before leaving Tbilisi. One of the students got intoxicated and sick. Parents, teachers, bus drivers, students, everyone was involved. The student went to the hospital and got better soon, but the rest of the student's trip didn’t go as planned. There were lots of tears and lots of whispering.

But the trip continued in Orbeti, a destination drastically different from the last one. After the arrival, the teachers got really angry because of their irresponsibility and gave long speeches about what happened and its consequences. But obviously, the trip had to go on so the students started looking at what Orbeti had to offer.

There weren't any cultural landmarks for students to learn about, unfortunately… but there was a huge field full of excitement. “I remember stepping out of the bus, a little tired, thinking that we were about to visit yet another historical place. And all I could see was a huge field. There were trampolines, a bonfire, karaoke, and so much more. This turned out to be so much fun!” said one of the students. The trip actually made students remember their forgotten

childhood, step out of their comfort zone, and have fun. Some of them played frisbee, some played board games next to a bonfire. They even got distributed into four different groups and played games against each other, even Levan Ghambashidze and Mariam Khidesheli participated. The competition was intense. A little later, all of the kids gathered up in a room where they sang and danced to the piano performance of Giorgi Kakhiani and Mamuka Zodelava. Even, Anthony mas and Levan mas performed a karaoke of “Regulate” by Warren G! Later, the rain started pouring, and everyone quickly ran to the buses to avoid getting wet. The bus ride to Lisi was way calmer and almost everyone fell asleep. And after a very long day, everyone was satisfied!

Edited by: Natashka Nakaidze

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