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Mrs. Asmat- Your Virtual Best Friend

Picture of Mrs. Asmat by Irinka Iashvili

The time has finally come: GZAAT gazette website has been updated and all the amazing articles can be found on the new platform. With this update, come various new features: weekly billboard, trivia questions, picture of the day, fashion at GZAAT, and Mrs. Asmat!

Who is Mrs. Asmat?

Members of the newspaper club came up with the idea to create an online persona who will answer any sort of questions students have. These questions can be about relationships, tips, academics… basically anything there is! Think of it like your virtual best friend.

How can we ask Mrs. Asmat our questions?

Mrs. Asmat answers all the questions via GZAAT website. As soon as you enter the updated website link, a mini slideshow appears, where a picture of Asmat is inserted as one of the slides. If you click on it, you’ll be directed to a link where you can view Asmat’s posts. The questions can be submitted by replying to those posts.

How often will Mrs. Asmat answer our questions?

Mrs. Asmat provides daily replies to all the questions in the form of posts! So after you ask a question, the answer will be posted in a few hours at most.

Can the questions be submitted anonymously?

The short answer is YES. We take into consideration that not everyone is comfortable replying to a post open to the public.That is why we’ve decided to send out a google form once a week through which questions can be submitted anonymously. Mrs. Asmat will post the answers to your questions on her page.

Don’t be shy to submit whatever questions you have, whenever you want to. Mrs. Asmat is more than happy to help!

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