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Movie Night - The Scandalous Evening

For the first time in GZAAT, the School Culture Committee organized a movie night last Friday in the gym. It was a screening of The Breakfast Club - a perfect movie for high school. The students brought blankets and snacks, while the organizers provided tea and hot cocoa (the money from the drinks goes to the making of the school merch). The movie started at 7 PM and lasted no more than two hours.

Everything seemed perfect at the start. Everyone was settled with their friends, eating popcorn or drinking hot cocoa to warm up to the chilly weather outside. The School Culture Committee members gave a short speech, asking the students to stay silent to ensure a pleasant evening. The lights went out, and The Breakfast Club started playing.

Knowing younger teenagers, some noise was expected. Teenagers will always act like teenagers - sometimes immature and unpredictable. So it was not surprising when chatter came from some of the younger students. With their babble, it was hard to concentrate on the film, so one of the teachers asked them to be quiet. However, according to our sources, instead of respectfully agreeing, a student allegedly told her to “calm down”! This was a surprise to everyone. Even though some chatter was expected, this level of disrespect was not! The student was asked to leave, and the movie night continued.

While some watched the movie enthusiastically, others moved in and out of the room. Even though it was a little hard to hear with all the movement, the experience was still enjoyable. The event brought together the entire school. One of the attendees, Irinka Mgebrishvili says, “the idea was good and a lot of people came… everything was well planned. What I didn’t like was that some of the people disturbed others while they were trying to actually watch the movie.” While these types of events should be organized more often to strengthen the school spirit, students, especially the younger ones, should learn to respect each other and behave well.

Edited by: Natalie Gordadze

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