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Meet the President and Vice President of Junior High

In today’s article, we visited the newly elected president and vice president of Junior High, Masho Butskhrikidze and Nutsa Kakiashvili. They were both asked several questions about their experience at GZAAT and the elections.

The first question was how they liked GZAAT so far and their first impressions. According to Masho, she likes our school because it is different and stands out from other schools in Georgia. The Nutsa stated that they like GZAAT because of the way teachers approach their students and how they teach the students. She said that she loves to see that teachers genuinely care about her and her classmates' education and appreciates how genuine they are. She adds that she likes different study techniques that are used-- a lot of discussions and being able to freely express her thoughts during the lesson.

After that, they were asked about their elections. The first question was why they chose to participate in class elections. The class president said that she participated in elections because she thinks that she is a good leader. Subsequently, she believes that she has the skills to successfully lease her class and do a good job in representing her interests and desires. The vice president says she wanted to participate in elections because she likes leading people and planning, organizing events, and keeping things in control.

Then we asked them about the worst and best parts of being class representatives. “I'd probably say that helping others and resolving their problems is the most rewarding and the worst part is the high expectations” Masho claims. Nutsa also agrees, adding that the best part is having the ability to help her classmates and fix their issues. As for the most stressful part, she thinks that it’s meeting the aggressive demands she receives.

Lastly, we asked the girls what their main focus and goals for this year are; they both have a similar vision. They said that they want to have more parties and social gatherings so that their classmates get more socially involved with each other.

Edited by Mariam Dzidzikashvili

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