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How are teachers going to spend their time during the holidays?

With December, Christmas, and New Year’s coming, every student and teacher is excited about the upcoming holiday spirit and break. It can be said that everyone is in need of another holiday, and with one month left till the 24th of December, everyone is preparing for a few weeks of sleeping in, skiing, traveling, and having endless fun!

The students and our lovely teachers are preparing for this time as well. “I will sleep, sleep and sleep even more!” says Irina Chkheidze, “I will go to the mountains for a week,” mentions Mariam Khidesheli. To get further information from some teachers, an interview was conducted with Paata Ramishvili and Meriko Toradze.


(I)-Interviewer; (M)-Meriko Toradze


(I): How will you spend your holidays this year?

(M): I plan to see all the theatrical plays I missed out on since I was busy during school days. I will visit many theaters and galleries like Niniko Morbedadze’s gallery. I am also planning to read a few books, one being a book authored by Zaira Arsenishvili. I am also excited to go to the Opera! And, of course, I will have more time to spend with my lovely grandchild and get to see her more often.

(I): Why did you decide to spend the holidays that way?

(M): I love the theater and never have time besides the winter holidays to visit and watch plays. As I said before I either have work or homework to grade. I will spend my time on what I love.

(I): How and why are the Holidays refreshing, and how can students benefit from them?

(M): I think the students should spend their time skiing during the holidays. It is a great way to exercise, enjoy the fresh air and be physically active, and of course, they will have fun. Traveling abroad is also a great way to spend their time. They must enjoy the fresh air, get into sports, and increase physical activity. I recommend students go to Gudauri or Bakuriani and enjoy the atmosphere! Can’t wait till the 24th of December, so we have the holidays to refresh our minds.


(I)-Interviewer; (P)-Paata Ramishvili


(I): How will you spend your holidays this year?

(P): I am excited and impatiently waiting for the upcoming holidays. The first semester went by quickly and was filled with difficulties, as the winter break will allow teachers AND students to rest well and regain the energy to return to school refreshed. I plan on going to my country house in Bazaleti, and I am planning to rest there alongside my family members. Nature is beautiful and enjoyable in Bazaleti, and I plan to be surrounded by nature as I take my time to rest and enjoy the break.

(I): What excites you about visiting your country house in Bazaleti?

(P): We set up the heating system in my country house, which allows me to rest there and get good use of the house.

(I): Do you think the holidays are beneficial for students?

(P): Yes, of course, for a number of reasons. First of all, the students are extremely exhausted after the first semester. They have an excellent opportunity to ski, a very popular sport in Georgia, and we have great ski resorts, Bakuriani, Gudauri, and in Adjara. They can also visit the countryside for fresh air and a new start. And even traveling around the world gives them more opportunities for better rest and to expand their cultural knowledge.


Teachers are also tired from this dreadful and eventful first semester, so as it’s seen, they are getting ready for the holidays. Skiing is highly recommended by our teachers, and with just a few weeks left till the holidays, we can patiently wait and mark our calendars for 3 weeks of free time and a (hopefully) snowy break!

Edited by Zura Gigineishvili

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