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GZAAT vs BIST basketball game coverage: How did it turn into drama?

Sport is a huge part of our school culture; lately, it has become even more popular and active. On 13th December, Gzaat's basketball team had a game against the British International School of Tbilisi. It was our school's first away game, and of course, it was scandalous!

Due to our recent win against New School, everyone thought we would easily win this game. The expectations were very high at the beginning of the game. During the first few minutes, our players dominated the field, but then the opposite coach substituted some of the players, and their scores increased!

The game finally ended with BIST's win (24-64). After interviewing our team's captain Nikoloz Salakaia, we found many factors to our loss: "This game was quite hard for us, as you could tell from the final score. There were many reasons why we lost. First of all, we as a team had not practiced together for a long time since there was a football tournament in the gym when we usually had our practices, so we weren't in shape. Also, it turned out that two other important players and I were sick during the game, so of course, we couldn't put on our best performance. Since it was an away game, we were not used to their court, making it difficult to play. The opposite players and the referee were all very respectful and fair. We want to apologize to the whole school and promise to do much better next time!"

Even though there was no drama on the court, there was quite a conflict after the game. Some girls from BIST picked on a freshman from our school and even went so far as to hit him! Of course, people from our school stood up for him, and nothing serious happened, but the rivalry between our schools got heated! Most of the students who attended the game also noticed some people calling GZAAT students losers after the game, making the situation tense.

Even though this wasn't our best game, you shouldn't get your spirits down (don't forget that we won the football game by a score 3-9, which is 0.3% higher in our favor than the basketball game difference :)


Edited by Zura Gigineishvili

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Please can you show me the calculation you used to calculate the 0.3% difference in your favor. It's illogical to compare the score difference between two completely different sports.

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