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GZAAT Students' Favorite Thing About Our School

Our school is widely known among not just its students, but also students from different schools all around the city. It’s loved by a multitude of people. This is for a number of reasons. The most common reason is the excellent quality of education it provides, which I’m sure all of us have heard someone say before. We’ve probably said it too. However, with this article, I wanted to find out what GZAAT students admire the most about our school, besides education. I wanted to see if students would have unique and interesting answers, and they did. The answers were all received anonymously and a few went as the following:

“Besides the quality of education, the teachers in our school always try to help us in every way they can in order to improve our progress. In our school, every person in the administration and teachers has their role which is very significant for the school’s balance. Our school has many clubs in order for us to get general education and interact with different people of different grades.”

“After education, I consider communicating with other people as the best part of the school. There are 74 people I can contact only from this class and 374 in total. So school gives me a really good opportunity to make friends with others, which is not only fun but interesting too.”

“Probably friends. I love spending time with them.”

“The relationships that students have with each other, I feel like everyone treats each other quite well and is quite friendly with one another.”

“My favorite thing about our school besides the education is the fact that teachers really care about their students. For example, my Georgian teacher always tries to help us and not give us too much homework. Another teacher moves deadlines when we tell him that we have too much work that week. All teachers are extremely thoughtful and this creates a comfortable environment for us students.”

“I would say one of my favorite things about our school is the music that plays in the hallways on Fridays.”

“I really love that we can spend time with our friends during the breaks in between classes.”

As seen from above, the quality of education isn’t the only thing that is loved by students from GZAAT. After interviewing some students, I saw that everyone has their own specific perspective towards our school. Each answer received was unique and thoughtful. The answers ranged from spending time with friends, to the music in the hallways, to the teachers being extremely caring. It can be inferred from the Interviews above that GZAAT's values consist of not only education, but the Community and the environment it creates. I’m sure there’s many more things that students admire about our school!

Edited By Beqa Ramishvili

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