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Gzaat's library, aka the most adjustable area in the school

A library is generally thought of as a peaceful and educational place to be in.

T students and teachers were asked whether our library has more chaotic or cozy energy. The survey showed us that we have to be proud of the environment we created in this area, but here are a few things that can be improved. Many students say that the library is usually calm and they can work inside, although there have been days when children were so noisy that it was impossible to do anything.

The survey demonstrated that some of the students enjoy the library:


  • Kitsi, do you think the library has maintained its purpose throughout time and is still as comfortable as before?

  • The library is the best part of the whole school; I always prefer to stay in the library the whole day, it is very calm, and when I'm there, I feel like I have nothing to worry about.


  • Hello Ilia, what do you think about our library?

  • I absolutely adore our library since I'm able to read any kind of books that come to my mind. I remember they didn't have the book I wanted to read, but they ordered it for me, so I still got it. I think this feature of our library is so convinient and I really appreciate it.

However there are some that critisize it:


  • (Ilia continiues) Even though I spend most of mt time there, I still believe that the library has had days when I felt chaotic energy because everyone was shushing each other, while in reality, all they were doing was creating noise.


  • Natalie, What do you think about our library?

  • I really like it, although they are not letting us speak even one word, which is crazy; for example, today, I was practicing for my chemistry test, and they hushed me. A library doesn't have to be that silent. People doing their homework should be able to say some things, but people who come inside to gossip should definitely not have the opportunity to interrupt others.


  • Mr. Anthony, do you think the library is as calm as before, or has it become noisier?

  • The library is a friendly and welcoming place, and many people like to hang out there because of that, although I have been there at times when I felt that it was pretty noisy.

Mr. Anthony suggested a solution for this problem, which includes creating more common spaces where students can hang out and play the board games that they are playing now in the library, which definitely creates additional noise. What Mr. Anthony offered is something to be considered for the future. Although, everyone seems to love our GZAAT library for its conventionality and coziness, there are still some problems left to resolve.

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Edited by: Natashka Nakaidze

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