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Mini Football Georgian Federation is organizing a nationwide tournament between schools for the second consecutive year. Our school, GZAAT, is participating in it for the second year in a row. Last year, our team achieved the final stage and was among the 32 best teams out of the total 135. This year, the team has some new faces and as the new tournament begins, the hope for more success emerges. There are a total of 84 teams from all around Georgia, separated into 14 groups (6 teams per group). After playing each other, the top three teams from every group move on to the next stage. The following players will represent GZAAT:

Freshmen: Lado Kavtaradze

Sophomores: Nikoloz Iashvili, Irakli Kontselidze, Giorgi Antelava, Iva Tsagareli

Juniors: Giorgi Berezhiani, Zuka Gabelaia, Tazo Berekashvili, Nikoloz Tsintsadze

Seniors: Irakli Begiashvili, Irakli Gvalia, Alexandre Kobakhidze

This 12 men roster will be competing against the following schools in the group stage:

Logos, Komarovi School, Public School N52, Buckswood International School, and Saint George school.

Deprived of usual sports activities due to pandemics, this tournament offers a breath of fresh air and a stage for competition for our students. This also is a magnificent opportunity for our school to come together and recreate a sense of unity that was shattered due to the lockdown. The official website for the tournament is

The team has played 3 games, winning 1 so far. But everything is ahead!

Edited By Beqa Ramishvili

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