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Guest speaker at GZAAT threatens seniors by poisoning them

Luckily for us, philosopher Ana Kiria managed to bring our minds back to their original peaceful state after making an attempt to scare us with her lecture. She guided us through different steps of freedom and provided an exact definition of liberation and opinion with multiple exciting examples.

Does freedom coincide with arbitrariness? What is the dividing line between them? Arbitrariness is blind; freedom is clearheaded and associated with awareness and with responsibility. She referred to Apostle Paul’s words, "Everything is permissible for me-but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible for me-but I will not be mastered by anything.” The main aspect of freedom is the absence of coercion. The ability to exercise one's own will. Kiria divided freedom into two sections: positive freedom and negative freedom. The inner prison in which we are trapped and liberation from external fetters and shackles - from internal prison, defined consequently. Let’s imagine freedom as a mosaic work with many stones, rich and diverse, where the stones are different theories of it. One of the cornerstones is the relationship between freedom and necessity. A person must use the power of liberty out of necessity.

Our conception and birth are processes that happen independently of our will. The world we are dealing with is a world already defined. The one who assigns meaning is the person himself. A world is senseless and insignificant on its own. So, naturally, there are some barriers everyone faces throughout their lives. Genetic determination, laws, moral order and system, socio-political definition, and a defined era of history are some of these outer factors that affect us daily.

Imagine a stone wall. It is an obstacle you need to overcome. Do you go ahead and attack it with your head, trying to break through it? No. You start to think of an easier way to deal with it. We cannot destroy the wall, and we cannot pass through it. We must weaken the power and influence of determinism on us by cutting out the door, opening it, and going through it.

Finally, We have reached the recovery part, еxistential revival. After realizing that man is the giver of meaning to the unmeaningful world, the wall turns into a bridge, an open space on which one can move freely.

journalist: Tekla Suluashvili

Editor: Nita Karkashadze

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