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Freestyle Ski and Snowboarding World Championships in Bakuriani!

Recently, there was a FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboard World Championships in Bakuriani. It has been officially announced in 2018 that the tournament would take place in Georgia and the official decision was made by FIS president, Gian Franco. This was the first time that this type of competition was held in Georgia, and it will forever be in the history of our country. Some of our students from all grades were able to attend the championship and volunteer for helping the organisers.

^Masho Gamtsemlidze and Mariana Chochia getting to know some athletes^

All volunteers were distributed to different roles, for example, some were Section chiefs like Mariana Chochia, Kato Dadiani, and Lizi Schierman, who had walkie-talkies from where they should have informed others whether an athlete would injure themselves or get in an accident. There were also Gatekeepers, like Giorgi Kuprava and Nick Tsintsadze, who were in charge of the gates (they must have made sure that they were in shape). Masho Gamtsemlidze and Masho Chiraqadze were Slippers, whose roles were to get rid of additional snow on the road and to correct the lines that were made by the athletes.

^One of the most famous skiers in Ski Cross. Fanny Smith^

Even though the work was fun and all of the volunteers gained a great experience, they still had to put a lot of effort and were extremely tired afterward. They all did their best, which is why every delegate in the field was satisfied with the infrastructure, their dedication to work, and the overall results.

^volunteers at 6A

FIS Event Director, Sandra Spitz, says that she has seen a lot of world championships but she has never seen an organising committee deal with so many challenges and manage to solve all of the problems, she appreciates the work that has been done here.

Mostly, it was delightful to see that lot of people were there, watching and enjoying the tournament, meaning the volunteers work didn't go to waste.

Edited by: Natashka Nakaidze

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