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First Quarter Grades!!!

Picture created by our visual artist- Irinka Iashvili.

For the first time in a long time, GZAAT students have been attending school continuously, and in one way or another, going back to school has affected their education. Now that the first quarter of the 2021-2022 school year is over, the first quarter grades are finally here. Students and their parents received emails on the 19th of November regarding their performance. The letters also included comments from teachers concerning their overall condition.

GZAAT students were surveyed about their experience.

When asked whether or not they were satisfied with the results, only 47.3 % of the students answered positively. 43.2 % of the students believed they could've done better. The remaining 9.5 % were divided.

The majority of the students (66.2%) believe that going back to school has altered their grades. They explained the given answer by revealing how being at the school allows better concentration, enabling to be more present during lessons, hence being able to learn more.

The following question was in relation to teachers' comments that accompanied the students' marks. The vast majority of the respondents consider that the mentioned notes serve as excellent explanations for their evaluation and provide necessary reasoning: they inform them about what they need to work on and improve while also giving them the motivation to continue doing their best. However, some considered that the remarks were still too vague and wish they could have received more elaborate descriptions.

A couple of teachers were also interviewed.

Interview with Mariam Khidesheli (English teacher):

Interviewer: Are you content with how the students are doing academically?

Mariam Khidesheli: More or less, I would say. I think that an online mode has affected everyone mentally and physically.

Interviewer: Do you find it hard to give grades?

Mariam Khidesheli: I prefer seeing my students in class and evaluating their performance when they are present, so no.

Interviewer: Do you think that going back to school this year has changed anything concerning their education?

Mariam Khidesheli: I hope that it has affected them in a positive way.

Interviewer: Is it difficult that some are still joining lessons online?

Mariam Khidesheli: Yes, it is. I think that students get distracted a lot and that affects their performance. For teachers, it's also challenging to be on both platforms at once.

Interviewer: What do you hope students will take away from their grades and comments?

Mariam Khidesheli: I hope they'll read comments carefully and realize that they have to work on certain things. What I find very disappointing is that they tend to look at the grade and disregard comments, while the latter is most important if they want to change their performance.

Interview with Irma Chelidze (Math teacher):

Interviewer: Are you satisfied with the performance of your students?

Irma Chelidze: Overall, I'm satisfied with the performance of my students. I feel lucky with the groups I have this year.

Interviewer: What would you say is the most problematic aspect when it comes to their performance?

Irma Chelidze: Some problematic aspects include consistency, tendency to prefer memorization to analytical tools, underestimation of the importance of the process, and details in problem-solving.

Interviewer: Has finally returning to school physically made the grading process easier for you?

Irma Chelidze: Because of the mixed classes, the grading process has not become easier. I would prefer to have everybody in the same setting, be it online or in the classroom.

It is clear that adjustment to school life has been a hard yet enjoyable process for both students and teachers. Returning to school has had an impact on students' learning and grades in some way. Everyone has had different experiences with it, but despite the difficulties, they have all enjoyed being reunited in the classrooms.

Edited by Barbare Melikidze

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