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First Aid Classes

In many people’s lives there has been at least one situation where someone has been injured and the incident didn't end well because no one was available to help. So, how can people avoid issues like this?

There is one fundamental solution: people must learn emergency first aid in order to help others or even themselves. It makes no difference what age a person is, since anyone might end up in a situation where medical help is required. Certainly, professionals will arrive at some point, but help might be needed immediately, therefore someone accompanying an injured person should be able to provide help before an emergency aid comes. As previously mentioned, age is irrelevant when it comes to the probability of ending up in an urgent situation, which is why kids should begin learning about first aid in school since they may find themselves needing such knowledge.

According to a survey sent to GZAAT 8th graders about first aid classes, 22% believe that first aid classes are necessary and that it is unfair that they are not taught in GZAAT. Nearly 70% believe that first aid classes should be taught in school but not as a subject, and 8% disagree with the idea of necessity and say that they do not want to be taught about first aid. Questioned students have given several explanations for their answers, which can be summed up in the following main points:

Most of the students surveyed that everyone should know at least the basics, that they should be prepared whenever something unexpected happens, and that students should learn about it, but not as a subject because the basics don't require a whole year to cover and first aid isn’t needed every day. Some also suggested that first aid should be a club or during advisory. The 22%, who said that first aid classes were necessary, stated that teens should be able to help and know how to save someone at any time; it should be taught in schools so that it can be used later in life; learn about first aid to have some important life skills; and some said that it's necessary because a person could have a near-death experience at any time, so another person should always be able to help them.

Some students, who said first aid shouldn't be taught in GZAAT, explained that they don't believe first aid is necessary in everyday life and that they don't want any more lessons because they are already overworked.

Looking at the survey results and general facts about emergency aid necessity, it can be said that first aid classes should be taught in schools, but if that is not possible, administrations should try to find a trainer to give both students of all grades and teachers information about first aid, what to put in first aid kits (for example, on a school field trip), who to call if help is needed, and also show some practical examples(maybe how to perform artificial respiration).

Edited by Natalia Rakviashvili

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