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Counterfactual: Tesla

I am responding to Mr. Kikava’s article —” Tesla May Face Another Racial Discrimination Lawsuit” which I found both puzzling and problematical. This article was an examination of the allegations of racial discrimination at Tesla, the largest stock-cap auto manufacturer in the world. First of all, I find it ironic that he called his own article an “unbiased report” which is anything but. Unbiased means something different to him, one must suppose, than it does to the rest of us. Secondly, I am not sure what he thinks his various points can prove, much less what exactly he is arguing. His true objective seems like it might be, from several careful readings, to interject his personal biases and preconceptions about certain groups of people he finds intolerable.

What I found most interesting was a line that seemed to make no logical sense or be any kind of relevant argument, but one can imagine him giggling while he wrote it — “ Perhaps Barker skipped one too many history classes because she would not have been allowed to work at Tesla in the Jim Crow Era.”

“black and gay” — it's a racism lawsuit, so “black” is relevant, but what does “gay” have to do with it? Why did you have the need to add this? Using someone’s sexual identity to cast dispersions on their honesty seems so very archaic.

“Although being racist is not just a violation of political correctness but just basic human decency” I am glad Mr. Kikava considers himself to not be a racist, but then his other statements become confounding. Perhaps, he does not realize what his own words suggest about his disposition?

“something bad allegedly happened at some time in someplace. Yep, that will definitely hold up in court.” As an American, I can tell you one definite truth about the US court system, when it comes to lawsuits no one has any clue what will hold up and what will not. It is in disarray. But I am glad you have such conviction, I envy you for that.

It is impossible to discern the full truth about allegations like these until at least the lawsuits have been resolved—as my grandfather says, “only autopsy will show”—so I don’t have an informed opinion on Tesla’s guilt or innocence. That said, given the text of his article, I do have sincere doubts about the integrity of my colleague’s point of view.

Edited by Kato Dadiani

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