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Alumni Weekend

A screenshot from a meeting with the GZAAT alumni studying STEM.

GZAAT is known for its dedicated students, who, after studying there for five years, go on to do great things in life. However, figuring out what exactly one wants at such a young age can be extremely challenging. Whether it is college-related or a career choice, these decisions are hard to make alone. This is why having a mentor that can help guide students through this process is immensely helpful, and who can do that better than GZAAT alumni?

Over the weekend, GZAAT School Culture organised an online event called "Alumni Weekend" on the fifth and sixth of February, where the graduates spoke about their respective fields, application processes, their college experiences, and many more. The topics ranged from arts and humanities to stem, social sciences, and business. Together, they discussed issues that the alumni already had to face and that students will eventually have to face.

A screenshot from a meeting with the GZAAT alumni studying STEM-engineering.

A few students decided to share their experiences regarding the event.

"I attended the Alumni Weekend last year as well, however then, as a ninth-grader, I was clueless as I didn't have any experience with this topic and didn't know what to expect. But since the year has elapsed, I now better understand what I might want to do. Joining the meeting this time was extremely beneficial. Since I already had an idea of the colleges and the fields I am interested in, it was helpful to hear other students' experiences with them and what enabled them to achieve certain things. Since this topic is extremely stressful, hearing others talk about it made it less scary. Also, the tips that they shared, for instance, about starting to prepare early and not leaving everything to the last minute, are, I think, things that are going to come in very useful. Overall, I'm really glad that I joined, as I learned a lot and enjoyed it," said Natalie Gordadze, a sophomore.

"This was my first time attending an event about the subject. To be honest, until now, I never genuinely thought about it, as it intimidates me. I was worried that I don't know what colleges I want to attend, or even what areas I have a particular interest in. Regardless, listening to the alumni talk about their experience and what they did or didn't do that could help have relieved the anxiety quite a lot. I'm happy that I chose to start thinking about this matter and decided to join, as I now have a better understanding of the topic in general," added another interviewee.

Overall, students seem to have had an amazing experience listening to the GZAAT alumni and are very grateful to have heard what they had to share.

Edited by Barbare Melikidze

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