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Will the New GZAAT Basketball Team Form in the COVID era?

We all remember that in pre-COVID times we spent hours in the gym to cheer up our schoolmates during their games. These games brought the whole school community together and created a sense of unity. Unfortunately, because of coronavirus, this all had stopped. As we are back to school and trying to get back to the life that we had prior to the pandemic, new initiatives are introduced.

As most of you may remember, one of the most popular sports at our school was basketball. Last week an email was sent out, announcing the creation of a basketball team. This initiative comes from the sophomores. As it turns out, most of them really love playing basketball and wanted to form the team ever since they were in junior high. So they met Zuka Kotrikadze, discussed an initiative and he agreed with their proposal. Students have already filled the form and now they are waiting for the decision of Zuka mas.

I have interviewed the president of sophomores, Shoti Sikharulidze, who organized the selection process and sent the registration forms on our emails. As he told me, a total of 26 students filled the form and Zuka Mas will select twelve students who will be playing in our school’s basketball team. So, as you can see, there is serious competition. The candidates will be evaluated according to their basketball skills, motivation and time available for training. Even though Coronavirus is a serious obstacle, twelve students practicing in the gym, which is a really big space, lowers the risk of spreading the virus. Because of the pandemic, no future basketball competitions are planned, but the team will practice and as the COVID situation improves, some friendly matches can be arranged with other schools.

As Shoti told us, he really hopes that the team will work hard and stay motivated even though the situation is uncertain: “I’d like to add that we’re doing everything to make this team work, but we must keep in mind that, as much as we want it, everything depends on the pandemic situation.” We can only hope that the formation of the team will be possible and considering COVID regulations we may even attend some matches.

Edited by Iviko Sakvarelidze

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