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GZAAT vs BGA: The season is Officially Open!

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

The eagerly anticipated sports matches have finally made a comeback! Last year, GZAAT hosted and participated in numerous sports games that left the student body brimming with excitement for this year's season.

On November 3rd, the season's inaugural basketball match pitted GZAAT against BGA in our gymnasium. With new players joining the team, the audience was filled with a sense of anticipation and curiosity. Enthusiastic cheers echoed through the gym and both teams played with spirit, as well as dedication. Right from the tip-off, it was evident that every player on the court was giving their all, striving to secure victory for their respective teams. However, the game ultimately concluded in BGA's favor with a score of 48-31, marking our school's first defeat of the season.

Despite the loss, there were no hard feelings. Luka Zambakhidze, the coach of GZAAT's basketball team, has commented on this match: "First of all, I want to express my gratitude to the dedicated supporters who passionately cheered on our boys throughout the entire game. Your support meant the world to us. Regarding the match itself, despite the defeat, we still played well and I am proud of the boy’s dedication. As you know, this year, we welcomed new players to the team, which presented its own set of challenges. Despite the defeat, our team maintains a motivated and admirable spirit and we cannot wait for the next match.”

Ilia Davarashvili, a new member of the AAT team, also shared his thoughts, saying, “It was the first game for many of us who are new to the team and I’m proud of how we handled the pressure. We’ll learn from our mistakes and improve as a team. We have a lot of potential and we are ready to use it.”

The game was a friendly one and further motivated the players. The students are waiting eagerly for the next game and are ready to cheer on our hardworking team.

Edited By: Ana Gvasalia

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