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What Makes a Good Student

We, students, have always been taught to do good in school. Everyone receives education, but not everyone is perceived as a “good student”. To become a good student, there are some general rules that we should follow. One of these rules might be self-discipline: when a student always hands in the homework, maintains regularity in work, and manages time. Showing respect: when a student is respectful towards the teachers, school staff, and classmates. Working in a group: when a student manages to get along with other classmates and even motivates them to yield productive output. And so on.

But every teacher has their thoughts about this issue. So, I decided to ask the teachers of GZAAT: what makes a good student?

The answers were versatile. It is interesting how the teachers of similar subjects answered similarly.

The teachers of subjects regarding science: chemistry and biology said that the most important characteristic of a good student is a conscientious attitude towards learning. Motivation and the desire to learn to make a student outstanding in the teacher’s eyes, make the learned material more memorable and usable in everyday life, and makes it easy for the teacher to communicate with the students and stay motivated. This quality is one of the main, in almost every teacher’s response.

The teachers of the humanitarian subjects such as languages said a similar thing. They told me that a curious student is always distinguished amongst their peers and is always appreciated. The teachers love seeing a student that is eager to learn and work.

The history department said that one of the things that make a student understand history is connecting it to their everyday life and present circumstances. Everyone has heard a phrase: “history repeats itself”. The main reason we learn history is to develop a better understanding of the world we live in today. When students break out of the frames of a textbook, they start to understand the purpose of the covered material. This type of student is a good student in the eyes of the history teachers.

A good student, in the eyes of the math teachers, always communicates. Math is one of those subjects which will not make sense if a student misses even one topic. That is why the math teachers think that when the students communicate, ask questions every time they don’t understand a subject, or ask for additional help, they take the title of a good student. This not only shows that the individual pays respect towards the subject and is interested in it, but also it teaches them how to properly deal with such problems in the future when regarding more important issues such as an individual’s job.

Finally, I think that it is fair to say that even though the opinions of the teachers might not be identical, all of them agree on the fact that the one, most important characteristic of a good student is the will to learn, curiosity, and motivation.

Edited by Nina Aladashvili

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