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Transition from Biology To Chemistry

Original Art by Irinka Iashvili

GZAAT high school has a system of science lessons where the three subjects (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) are divided over three years. In the first semester of 9th grade, the students start off with Physics and in the 2nd semester continue with Biology. Next year, 10th graders return to Biology and then continue with Chemistry in the second semester. In 11th grade, Chemistry continues and the second semester ends with Physics. This means that every year after the first semester ends, students have to make a transition from one science class to another. In this specific article, I’ll be discussing the transition for sophomores - from biology to chemistry.

Ninia Abramishvili, a student we asked about her opinion on this transition, said that she can’t really say that much since it’s only been a week since chemistry classes started. What she can definitely say is that she likes the change that comes with the transition. It’s interesting to go from studying one thing to a completely different concept. It’s nice that a change comes after the semester ends and that we study diverse science lessons in one year, as she says.

It’s definitely a transition to go from studying biology, about living creatures and how they work/operate, to chemistry, which deals with the matter. Another change is that if a student misunderstands a chemistry lesson, and doesn’t try to understand it deeply and correctly, it’ll definitely create an issue in the future. This is because chemistry concepts are built on each other. In biology, it’s different. Even though the student needs previous knowledge to understand some concepts, not everything in biology is built on previous knowledge. It’s important that students keep up to date with every aspect of chemistry to succeed in the subject.

One thing that’s similar is the textbooks. Both are in the same format - divided into chapters which are then divided into subcategories. The textbooks are roughly the same size in terms of pages, and also in difficulty. All in all, it’s interesting to see the challenges that the subject switch brings to the GZAAT students.

Edited by Kato Ambokadze

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