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Senioritis: Anxiety of the Future

It's that time of year once more when the seniors of GZAAT eagerly await news that will shape their futures. Anticipation fills their days as they navigate the process of university applications, each moment filled with a blend of stress and enthusiasm. An assorted range of emotions fill their lives, causing them to be overwhelmed while actively awaiting what the future holds for them. The seniors all have devoted the last four years to this very moment, and very soon the university exams, the sleepless nights, and chronic stress will be worth it. As it is very obvious that this is not an easy task, the majority of seniors still have to go through similar steps to apply to their desired universities: completing the application, setting up profiles, and impatiently waiting for the university to accept them. 

Two of the seniors were individually interviewed with questions solemnly based on university applications, offering some advice and revealing to us their decisions! Nitsa Saakashvili and Anna Urushadze were interviewed with questions based on this burning topic!

What is the application process like? What was it like for you? Was it stressful and how much effort did you put into it?

(A): The application process takes a lot of energy and time. You have to be prepared for a lot of work all at once. I think it becomes less stressful once you know what you are doing and you get kind of used to it, but the first couple of applications are pretty tough. Most of the time stress comes from worrying about whether or not you will get offers from unis you expected and if the hard work you put into your final years of high school and applications will bring good news. In my case, I worried more about the idea of starting a new chapter in my life and still worry about it today. I guess the whole process is overwhelming. My advice to you would be to always manage your time efficiently. Never leave all the work to the last moment because it really becomes too much to handle. Do everything step by step and the sooner you take care of everything, the less stressed you are.

(N): The application process is a ride full of adventures, requiring a substantial amount of time. First, a student has to research different universities considering various factors, such as campus, location, preferred major, class size, and more. For me, the words that summarize the application process is - an endless drumbeat of worry. I was constantly editing my personal statement and it took me a lot of time to write the finalized version of it. Now that I think about how anxious I was, I find it funny because there is nothing to worry about, you just have to show the true version of yourself. 

Did the college counseling help you? 

(A): College counseling prepares you for all the hard work that is to come and gives you a really good idea about things in general. However, it is always your job to stay on track and take care of the applications and any additional work. Everything is your responsibility and you have to get a hold of yourself. Nobody is going to do the work for you, but of course, you should always keep in mind that your counselors are always here to help.

(N): College counseling played a vital role in my application process, as it guided me through every step of it. The most important part of the university applications is the way we research different universities. I remember we had multiple meetings, where we learned the right way to look for the universities that fit us. Usually, many questions arise from the application process related to the type of diploma that we have to send, essays, CVs, majors, and more. And whenever I needed help, my college counselor was there for me. 

Has any university provided any offers for you? Have you decided where you want to go yet? 

(A): I started my applications with The Hague University of Applied Sciences and have a conditional offer, also from The University of Amsterdam and the foundation programme at King's College London. Since the foundation at Kings was one of my top choices, when I got accepted I stopped applying to other unis.

(N): IE University met with my dream university image and luckily, I got admitted and even became one of the top applicants. 

In conclusion, the journey of the GZAAT seniors through the university application process has been a challenging yet rewarding experience, filled with anticipation, stress, and ultimately, success. As they receive offers from universities and make decisions about their futures, their dedication and perseverance over the past four years prove to be invaluable, paving the way for exciting new chapters in their lives.

Edited by: Natalie Gordadze

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