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The Sports Committee!

Recently, a new addition to our school's sports life was introduced - The Sports Committee! Students were informed of the news on Thursday, April 27, through a warm introductory email that was sent by the founders. Later on, as students began to show interest in the committee, a google form was sent out in order to attain potential future members in the focus. But what is the sports committee all about? Why was it they created and what fuels the founders' dedication to the sports life of AAT?

The initial idea came from two of the six student founders – Nikoloz Salakaia and Shota Sikharulidze. The idea came to them in the winter when they were competing in basketball tournaments and even though they were doing well, their peers did not have high expectations. So, they thought of creating a sports committee in order to document their achievements and to show their statistics and future game plans publicly on social media, which would result in them getting the anticipation that they once did not have much of.

This anticipation will not only help heighten the AAT sports teams but also raise the popularity of sports within the school community, whilst simultaneously working towards creating a professional athletic environment in the school by administering sports activities at the highest level. To achieve these goals, the committee plans to arrange local tournaments with other school sport teams, organize internal tournaments and build stronger relationships with sport committees of different schools. Promoting athleticism will also be a large part of the committee's plans, which they plan to execute by teaming up with the newspaper club in order to create a sports gazette.

The committee board currently consists of 6 members – Biba Tsagareli, Lado Kavtaradze, Irakli Kontselidze, Luka Shalikadze, Nikoloz Salakaia and Shota Sikharulidze. As mentioned before, the sports committee is looking to expand and is searching for students to fill a wide variety of roles such as web developers, photographers, designers, event organizers, and volunteers. Currently, they have not had the chance to reach out to many of the students, only designer candidates in order to promote their upcoming football matches.

The sports committee has many wonderful ideas that would enrich the life of the students of GZAAT, providing a sense of community and sportsmanship, building bonds with one another and bettering one's self. We are sure that the committee will have as much of a successful run as they plan to!

Edited by Anna-Maria Kand

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