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Phoenixes vs Lions: Football Edition!

On Friday, December 16th, our school visited the British-Georgian Academy for yet another match, this time for a football game. After an unpleasant loss with the school in one of the basketball matches, our team was more determined than ever to make sure that GZAAT took back home the victory that we deserve. Many of our schoolmates went along with the team to support them, cheering from the sidelines and holding posters for motivation.

“From the moment the match began, we were all encouraging the boys nonstop, holding up posters and shouting as loud as we could,” says Irinka Iashvili, a sophomore student, “everyone was super motivated and our team did an amazing job, scoring so many awesome goals. Though at times we became nervous, when the opposing team also gained a point or two. Our end score was astonishing.”

The game was a big success for our school! The group came back to GZAAT more satisfied than ever. A member of the football team, Toma Iashvili commented on it: “We were all so glad to see so many of our schoolmates cheering us on, it gave us even more motivation. After losing the basketball game a week before, we really wanted to win and managed to do it! I was happy to see us scoring so many great goals.”

GZAAT won over BGA with an impressive score, 9 to 3. Undoubtedly, all of us returned home with a sense of pride. Thank you to our incredible soccer team and the supporters, who never give up and cheered them on until the very end. We hope to keep this energy up and encourage everyone to come to the games and show support!

Edited by Anna-Maria Kand

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