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GZAAT's Cinema Night: 'Corpse Bride' Takes the Stage in a Halloween Delight

On the crisp evening of October 31, a cool autumn breeze set the scene for a thrilling Halloween movie night at GZAAT. Organized by the School Culture Committee, this event promised an enchanting cinematic experience, featuring Tim Burton's beloved "Corpse Bride" in the school's auditorium.

The careful planning for this Halloween movie night commenced days in advance. Committee members Taisia Koridze and Nini Shatberashvili took charge of procuring snacks, ensuring a diverse range from chips to popcorn, and providing both fizzy and regular drinks. On the day of the screening, committee members arrived early to test the equipment and transform the auditorium into a cozy haven for the much-anticipated evening. With the collaborative efforts of Mr. Cruz, Eka Tatishvili, and Tazo, their hard work paid off, creating a comfortable space for the audience.

Selecting the movie proved to be a thoughtful process. To gauge student preferences, the School Culture Committee distributed a survey. Initially considering "Scream," an iconic horror film, technical difficulties led to the selection of "Corpse Bride." Fortunately, the gothic and whimsical aesthetic of the movie captivated everyone in attendance. The screening began at 7:00 p.m., as the audience gathered, the screen illuminated, and a spooky atmosphere settled. Despite a slightly smaller turnout than expected, those present enjoyed a laid-back and pleasurable atmosphere, free of disruptions.

Reflecting on the successful Halloween movie night, Taisia Koridze, a member of the School Culture Committee, expressed gratitude for the support received from fellow committee members and acknowledged the teamwork that made the event possible. She highlighted the careful organization of every step, from arranging the venue to procuring snacks, ensuring everyone had a fantastic experience.

The chilly October night at GZAAT seamlessly merged with the magical and spooky world of "Corpse Bride," resulting in a memorable Halloween movie night. As the credits rolled, students and faculty members left the auditorium with smiles, savoring the cozy atmosphere of the event.

Edited By: Desha Chokoshvili

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